Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • • To be nationally recognised as a leading, reputable, reliable, preferred housing developer.


Our Mission

  • • To provide superior products and services by maintaining excellent quality management system via ISO 9001:2008.

• To maximise shareholder value thru brilliant business strategies, healthy corporate governance and sound financial position.

• To strengthen the capability and performance of team through effective training, competitive employee welfare as well as a comfortable and safe working environment.

• To advocate social responsibility as an element of the business considerations.






 通过 ISO9001:2008 提供优质和产业服务,并成为一家信誉卓越的品质管理认证的管理发展商。





Professional, Accountable, Systematic, Efficiency

KCC believe in serving customers with professional, accountable, systematic and efficiency. Over the years, we have worked hard at training and upgrading our various departments in terms of teamwork and service quality, forming a team that progresses with the times. From administrative management, construction supervision, market development and sales to the customer service frontline, we always maintain the importance of being professionalism, accountability, systematic approach and efficiency. Together, we work hand-in-hand to achieve our aim - "Desirable Home Made Affordable".

Before embarking on any project, we always do our best to choose the right location, including evaluating its area development, traffic accessibility and market potential among other factors, so as to ensure the stability of our property value. At the same time, we formulate comprehensive plans for our housing property and its community environment, like enhancement of surrounding garden greenery, as well as esearching and improving on both the interior and exterior design and structure, so as to make it more in line with the modern times. This will add value to the property, benefitting our customers in the long run. Our Taman Ametis project at Tampin is a fine example of a perfect balance between nature and modern living.

Our team at KCC takes care in controlling budget and choosing suppliers, in order to ensure reasonable prices and superior quality. Even in times of economic downturn, we always insist on value-for-money contents and sincere service. The marketing department also provides various attractive sales packages for our customers, enabling them to purchase their ideal homes despite the difficult times.


KCC 阐扬《专业、负责任、有系统、有效率》的观念。凭过去多年来的努力、不断提升与培训各部门的合作精神与素质,我们的团队已茁壮成长,与时并进 。从行政管理、工程监管、市场开发与销售至客户服务前线,皆强调保持专业、负责任、有系统和高效率,同心协力,以实现一个目标 -“理想家园,轻松获取”。

在每项工程进行前,我们都会谨慎选择地段、视察地区发展、交通、市场价值等,以确保所发展的房屋价值保持稳定。同时,我们也进行妥善的发展计划,为房屋的趋向定位、规划整体社区环境,包括加强园景绿化,并对房屋的内部与外部建筑规格与设计进行研究与改进,以迎合现代化发展趋势,为房屋增值,让购屋者从中受惠。正如我们将开发的淡边 - 聚佳庄,便是一个大自然与现代化家居结合的典范。


36 months defects liability 36 months defects liability
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