Customer Care

Customer Care

We do better because you deserve it

This is the belief behind our KCC Customer Service Hotline "QuickLink".

We treasure every one of our customers. In order to provide more convenience to customers, as well as improve our efficiency and service quality, we have specially set up the "QuickLink" Customer Service Hotline for you to reach us directly with queries about our products. Customers are also welcome to give feedback and suggestions via this hotline, and our Customer Service Officers will try their utmost best to serve your every need.


我们做得更好- 因为您值得拥有


我们珍惜每一位客户。为了更方便客户,提升效率 和服务素质,我们特地准备了客户服务专线”QuickLink”,以让客户可通过此专线垂询有关公司产品,产品详情和产品品质的问题。客户也可通过此专线进行投诉或提供意见,我们的客户服务专员将竭 尽所能为您效劳。

You are welcome to give feedback and suggestions via this online form below

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