Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Reputation Our Most Valuable Asset

  • 36 Months Defects Liability Period
    36 months Defects Liability Period
  • Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand 2009/2010
    Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand
  • 2008 Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellence Award
    2008 Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellence Award
  • 2007-6th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award
    6th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2007
  • Malaysia Independence Award 1957
    Malaysia Independence Award 1957

KCC has long since upheld the belief of customer priority and quality control, winning wide recognition through various awards. We never neglect the promises we made to our customers, aiming to serve their every need. 


Creating Harmonious Homes

KCC does not simply build houses; we strive to create all-rounded, harmonious and safe communities as well, which includes setting up police security booths and resident committees within the community. We also provide various facilities for every house, so that the customer can enjoy living in their new home with total peace of mind.


Reputation for Quality Guaranteed

Being responsible to our customers over the years forms the reputation assets of KCC. As part of our effort to provide customers with value-for-money housing, we actively evaluate the construction progress while ensuring the quality of work and materials used. At the same time, KCC has taken the the initiative early in 2002 to extend our housing guarantee period from 24 months to 36 months and was formalized in 2006.


Actively Keeping Promises

Since it first started, KCC have successfully developed many property projects over the region, at the same time completing every project and property handover on time, never disappointing our customers.


KCC Customer Service Hotline "QuickLink"

We treasure every one of our customers. In order to provide more convenience to our customers, as well as improve our efficiency and service quality, we have specially set up the "QuickLink" Customer Service Hotline. This allows you to reach us directly with queries about our products. Customers are also welcome to give feedback and suggestions via this hotline and our Customer Service Officers wil try their utmost best to serve you every need.


建立信誉 展望未来

KCC 集团长久以来以客为主的经营理念与品质管理,因此多年来荣获各项嘉奖的肯定。我们绝不会忽略对顾客的承诺,并时时以服务客户为荣。



KCC 集团不仅建造房屋而已,还追求打造完善、和谐及安全的社区。因此我们积极推广警民交流计划,并设立警亭于社区内设立以及协助成立居委会同时,我们也为每间房屋预设各类设施,包括保安系统以让客户买得开心,住得安心。


品质保证 口碑相传



积极行动 兑现承诺



客户服务专线 "QuickLink" 标榜的理念

我们珍惜每一位客户。为了提升效率和服务素质以方便客户,我们特地准备了客户服务专线 "QuickLink",以让客户可通过此专线垂询有关公司产品,产品详情和产品品质的问题同时客户也可以进行诉状或提供意见,我们的客户服务专员将竭尽所能为您效劳 

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